robotbeepboop (robotbeepboop) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding with Mirena - Herbal solutions?

I've been bleeding DAILY for three months beginning the day of mirena insertion. I realize that it can take up to six months to regulate, but I can't live like this. It's preventing pregnancy because all the bleeding is preventing me from having sex.

Let's talk possible solutions. I've tried tinctures of red raspberry leaf and yarrow. Neither have helped the bleeding to stop. I spoke with an herbalist today who said it was fine to continue with red raspberry leaf anyway simply because it's good for the uterus. Fine. I kind of like it anyway.

The same herbalist told me that vitex aka chaste tree is something that helps to regulate cycles. I mentioned that I heard about shepherd's purse online. She said she doesn't know about pharmaceuticals, so she doesn't know if either of these options would interact with hormonal IUDs. It seems that many women on the internet are trying shepherd's purse for bleeding with Mirena. It is supposed to control progesterone levels. Mirena releases progesterone to prevent pregnancy. This raises an important question. Does shepherd's purse make Mirena less effective?

Has anyone spoken to anyone who understands Mirena as a pharmaceutical while also understanding possible herbal fixes for the associated bleeding? I don't want to keep bleeding or risk pregnancy.

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