Phoenix_Chan54 (phoenix_chan54) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strap-on shopping advice

Hello! I am going to be visiting my boyfriend (he lives in South Carolina, and I live in Kansas) in June, and we want to try using a strap-on (me wearing it and pegging him). I am a big girl, so finding a plus-size harness was difficult to begin with. We finally found this one, and I think it will work great. The only problem is, it doesn't come with a dildo, and I'm having trouble finding one that will attach to the harness. I would like to find one that vibrates, is 7 inches long or less, and 2 inches thick or less (he doesn't want it too big the first time). If anyone could provide me with some links, I would really appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any experience with that harness, or maybe knows of a better one, that would help too. I like the fact that the attachment is detachable, because it gives us the option to play with different sizes. Thanks in advance! ^_^
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