Little Girl Lost (lil_girl_lost) wrote in vaginapagina,
Little Girl Lost

Smears and cerazette.

I've been on cerazette for about 7 months now, and not liking it. Not only have my periods not stopped (as happens with many women), I get lots of spotting and breakthrough bleeding and this is preventing me being able to get a cervical smear that's due because the nurse won't perform it if I'm bleeding.

So my question is two-fold - does anyone know for sure if I can get a smear while I am bleeding and does it effect results? I assume some women bleed a lot caused by things down there, so I feel as though it should be possible, but I don't like the nurse and need to know enough to ask her to do it anyway if I can

And does anyone know - if I am having this experience on cerazette, am I likely to have the same breakthrough bleeds on an iud or implanon? Unfortunately while I can get in to see the nurse, I'm unable to get an appointment with the doctor to discuss this. I'm terrified of both of the alternative options. Plus I thought there might be others out there who experienced similar and could share what they are on now.

I'm unable to be on the combined pill because of my blood pressure, which sucks because I love it.

Any experience sharing would be great!

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