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I'm getting a D&C with a with a hysteroscopy on Monday morning because I've had severe vaginal bleeding with huge clots since July, and nothing else has worked. I had a trans-vaginal ultrasound and another ultrasound, everything was clear, and all my bloodwork came back fine.

I'm very nervous about it, and only thinking of the worst case scenarios such as I won't be able to have children, or I'll hemorrhage on the table, amongst other things. I'm also afraid it's really going to hurt. I'm also very uncomfortable with anything gynecological and it's a huge anxiety issue even when I go for my yearly, so having a surgery there, is really making me scared and anxious.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about what I'm going to go through with the surgery, what it's like, the recovery, side effects, etc.

Thanks in advance
ajb92504 31st-Jan-2014 04:36 am (UTC)
I've had a D&C (for a miscarriage that didn't start expelling on it's own) but not a hysteroscopy. It really was no big deal physically. I was under general anesthesia, although I have heard of some women not having general. The procedure took ~20 minutes, I was in recovery for a little while afterwards and felt fine. Even went out for brunch right after. I didn't have much bleeding either, maybe like a light period for a couple days. (not sure how much of that was due to the D&C vs the m/c). They sent home an Rx for pain, but I didn't even need to take it at all.
I got pg with my daughter a few months later and had no issues with the pg at all.
Best of luck!

classical_wolf 31st-Jan-2014 11:24 am (UTC)
I had a D&C and hysteroscopy in December due to a uterine polyp, and I was under general anesthesia. I was more anxious about the procedure than I needed to be, because recovery wasn't bad at all. I was in the recovery room for maybe 45 minutes to an hour and then I was sent home. Once I was home, I only needed to take Tylenol.
tanislynne 31st-Jan-2014 02:54 pm (UTC)
I had a D&C in December due to a miscarriage, I was not under general anesthesia, I was just given a sedative that didn't put me to sleep.

I was super upset and scared, and it was uncomfortable and unpleasant but not super painful. The procedure is a little disturbing, you can feel them doing their thing and the pressure is a bit much at times. But the nurse stood there and held my hand during the whole thing, talking to me and reassuring me and that was a HUGE help.

Once the procedure was done, maybe 10-15 mins from start to end, I was taken to recovery (I got to walk) I sat there for about 20 mins, where they ended up having to give me a shot of gravol (but I think that was part nerves), then I had to get up and walk to the washroom. I lost two huge blood clots then and never really bled much after that.

Once I could show I was walking and ok, they released me into my mom's care. I had some dark brown spotting for a few days and was very tired with some minor cramps that day. But I went home and took a nap and laid around all evening ... my b/f was really sweet an took good care of me. After that I was fine, I just didn't do any heavy lifting or strenuous work for a couple of days.

We have started to try again, *fingers crossed*

Good luck, and go in with positive thoughts. Tell them about your concerns and anxieties and they should address them for you. You are the master of your body, so tell them what you need and what you want and what concerns you ... keep your chin up, all will go well.
aimeelynn06 31st-Jan-2014 11:11 pm (UTC)
A D&C procedure takes about 3-5 minutes, actually. Barring incredibly rare complications (and frankly, negligence) it will not affect your ability to have healthy pregnancies in the future. If you bleed too much during the procedure, your doctor will give you a medication to slow your bleeding and you will be fine. This is actually the safest and most common surgery performed in the US.

The hysteroscope will probably extend the procedure length. How much depends on how much they look around, I guess.

It does hurt, maybe 2 minutes of intense cramping if you have no sedation. Are they going to give you something? Afterwards, most people just feel like a crampy period. Bleeding usually lasts a few days.

It's completely normal for you to be nervous, especially since it seems like your doctor didn't tell you much about what to expect.
hey_sup 1st-Feb-2014 07:49 pm (UTC)
I had this exact procedure done in July. I was having abnormal bleeding, but the D&C was to remove 2 polyps which my doctors believed was the culprit of the bleeding. (The bleeding started up a few months later, but that's a WHOLE other story...)

I'm not going to lie - I was pretty nervous, but thankfully a friend came with me to hang out in the waiting room. I was put under general anesthesia, perhaps this is more done with a D&C/hysteroscopy combo since it takes longer. The more nerve-wracking part for me was lying on the bed for half an hour, waiting for the anesthesiologist to come dose me, and having an IV in my hand, which I'd never had before. But when it came to the procedure, I remember looking at the ceiling in the operating room, and then waking up in the recovery room. I guess the whole thing took about 40 minutes total, but I have no recollection of anything whatsoever.

There was no pain or anything afterwards, I was just a bit groggy for a few hours from the anesthesia. I was prescribed something for pain but never took it, and I went to an outdoor festival the next day with absolutely no problems. The main part of recovery that was a pain was taking a break from sex for a couple weeks, which in the grand scheme of things is not a huge deal.
tigress35 2nd-Feb-2014 10:09 am (UTC)
The worst part for me was the anethesia. It made me really nauseous. I had some bleeding after, but I don't recall any pain. I just spent the hours after sleeping at home while the anethesia wore off.
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