biblio_filia (biblio_filia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spotting and potential early withdrawal bleed on BCP

The subject is not the most clear, but let me try and explain what I mean. I've been on BCPs for 3 years, and on my current pill, Orsycthia (generic Alesse, I think?) for about 10 months. Yesterday, the day of my last active pill of the pack, I started to have some brown spotting. I've just started exercising heavily (past two weeks) and have been following a pretty drastically different diet for the last month. Because of this, I thought the changes might have set my uterus off. Now, as of this afternoon, I have been feeling as I always do when I start my withdrawal bleed, cramping a bit, and have a period-like flow. I usually don't start bleeding until the third day of placebos. Is this ok? I usually take my pill at 8 pm, if that helps to figure out the withdrawal thing. I took my last active one last night. I have been on time in taking my pill except for last Friday, when I was about three hours late. I last had sex on Sunday with an monogamous parter with whom I use BCP alone.

Thanks guys!
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