Stretch (stretch) wrote in vaginapagina,

Struggling with HPV-GW Diagnosis

Today I went into my gyn to talk about some spotting I'd been having. While there, and during a routine exam, she identified a few small lumps on my vaginal vestibule as genital warts. I'd always just assumed they were skin tags, so this came as quite the unpleasant shock.

I've only been with two partners, both were in the context of monogamous relationships. I received all three rounds of the Gardasil vaccine about 7 years ago. I've never had sex without a condom. I assumed that taking all of these steps meant that I was protecting myself from things like this. I guess I was wrong. My doctor treated me with podophyllin so I guess I'm supposed to spend the next three weeks highly contagious and "shedding." But now that I've left the office and the shock has set in a little I have a thousand questions: what if they come back? What if they stay away? Is there any definitive way to confirm what they are? How could I get them after being vaccinated? Etc.

I'm currently single, and thanks to this diagnosis I don't that changing anytime soon.

Anyone else out there have any experiences they can share, because I'm feeling pretty low here.
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