islandgirl_82 (islandgirl_82) wrote in vaginapagina,

What could this be...

Hi everyone,

I have since a couple of months a new partner which is bigger than I usually have experienced. So now every time after sex I get problems like white discharge, not much, and a feeling I can’t explain, like an irritated and tingling feeling, there is no smell, nor itching. I did a STD test and it came back negative. So I used Candida creams for yeast infection and well it does not really help, maybe for a couple of days but then we have sex again I get the same problem.. I tried having sex with a condom, I get the same problems. My docter said it was maybe vaginoses so he gave me diflucan (fluconazole), he said maybe I clean to 'much' before and after sex and maybe lubrication would help. I stopped doing all that and I dont feel my vagina getting dry when we have sex so im clueless . I have an appointment with a gyno but till the 26 of February..
Till then im still dealing with this problem..
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