j_adoreeee (j_adoreeee) wrote in vaginapagina,

coming off birt birth control

hi there quick question.

I took birth control (tri cyclen-lo) for 4 years and decided for health reasons that i no longer wanted to take it. So i finished my last pack in the beginning of december and after the sugar pill "period" week i just stopped taking it.

so my next period should have been around christmas and I did get scattered very light bleeding right around that time for about 3 days. the blood was bright red so im assuming it was fresh and a real period. but it was very very light like i almost didn't need to wear a tampon/pad except for random little gushes/clots that would come out

fast forward to now , its almost exactly one month later and i havent gotten a period. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days after my sugar pill period - when i stopped taking the pill.

my question is should i be concerned about being pregnant even though i got a very light period right on time the end of december ? Or is the part of going of birth control? Ive heard it can take months for periods to become normal after coming off the pill , but i thought it was strange since i got my first period off of the pill on time (even though it was so light)

any help is appreciated. thank you !
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