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HELP: Ovaries, ovulation, back pain arghhh

Hi all
Here is my story:
NOVEMBER 2013: Pain in lower left groin
See Dr, who orders an ultrasound of my pelvic area as well as groin on the one side.

DEC 1st (get period)
DEC 4th (have ultrasound, external and internal)
DEC 16: Dr office calls to say Ovaries are all good but yes there is an inguinal hernia on my left side (groin)

DEC 17 (Ovulate) ... evening time I get an ovulation cramp (typical) but it seems wayy worse than usual but seems JUST slightly higher than my ovary (RIGHT SIDE /opposite side from hernia) O cramp gets so bad that I decide to go to bed and hope its gone in morning.
Wake up in the morning and although the intense pain is gone, I'm SUPER stiff in my right ovary area. Ovary throbs for a few days and is followed by extreme stiffness. If I stand, when I sit, when I move the right ovary is very stiff. (but two weeks earlier an ultrasound said my ovaries were both clear.

Dec 24: I go to Emerg because its just really stiff and achey and not going away and before we go away for Christmas I want to verify its NOT my appendix. They do some things (pushing on my stomach) and tell me its not my appendix. Great.

Dec 29: I get my period and its uneventful. Not super painful, right on schedule. Nothing unusual. Most of my stiffness eases up and things feel decent. its still in my head so I think I feel little twinges more than I normally would but things seem to taper off some.

Jan 6: I see my DR who tells me I have to get heria repaired and I tell her that I dont' care about my hernia, she needs to figure out whats wrong on the other side. I'm booked for my surgeon for Feb 11 who will tackle both issues (heria and other side pain)

Things seem pretty mild but occasionally I feel little aches and twinges in my right ovary.
I notice that my bowel movements aren't as easy to get out (this has pretty much been an issue since mid Dec) I wouldn't say I'm constipated but I definitely take longer to get them out. Lovely. Sorry :)

Ovulation comes in January and I am thrilled that I ovulated and didn't experience the pain from the month before. Seemed to just come and go as normal. Again, maybe a few twinges from right side but convince myself I'm hyper sensitive.

A week after ovulation I have a day where my hip starts to ache on right side.
Next day my hip is fine but my back is TERRIBLE (lower back)
Stiffness comes back
Back stays awful.

Period comes ... semi stiff in right ovary still (easing some) but my back is TERRIBLE.

I'd LOVE to think its just a cyst that developed the day I ovulated in December but I HAVE no clue.

I don't think the stiffness really hurts but its awkward. I stand up and its a pulling, stiffness feeling. This month was better than last month but with this back pain, I'm starting to lose my marbles.

Back pain has now been part of the equation for four days and I'm at my witts end. I have two weeks untiL i can see the surgeon. I plan to beg her to go in and look for either a cyst or endo. I am exhausted from worry and pain.

I'm petrified :(

I really did think it was a cyst but who knows. I thought I read that cysts can develop during ovulation if the egg isn't released or something and all of my symptoms started the day I ovulated in December. But two weeks prior an ultrasound labelled my ovaries all good.
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