lynn_9322 (lynn_9322) wrote in vaginapagina,

post-sex irritation. Not emergency but need answers ASAP.

Hi everyone, I'm very new to this community. I feel like this is the best place for me to come to with this question (I've tried friends, online forums, websites and even my gynecologist).

I'm in a long term monogamous relationship with my boyfriend. Lately, when we have sex I end up extremely irritated, raw, swollen and even with "blisters." Last time the pain was UNBEARABLE. I went to my gyno and she made me get tested for herpes. My tests came back completely negative and my boyfriend is definitely *STI free.

Now keep in mind we usually have vigorous, and very frequent sex. He attends college on the other side of the state (so when he's home we definitely use our time wisely)... After we rule out STDs my gyno gave me no other advice. After a few days the pain and blisters went away on their own. I avoided shaving and sex for over 2 weeks. I also took an antibiotic prescribed by my gyno in case it was a folicillitis issue.

Well now 2 weeks later my boyfriend is back again. We have only had sex a few times and the pain is coming back. The thing that is baffling me is that last time we used no condoms and a bit of lube. This time we had to use condoms (I just finished the antibiotic and I'm on hormonal BC). Condoms have NEVER given me an issue
In the past and we have used this specific kind many times.

Any insight on what is happening? He's only in town a few days and I don't want to spend them crying and soaking in warm baths. Thank you all so much!!!
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