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eggwhite cervical fluid with brown end

Hey VPers!
My cycle is being rather odd! I normally ovulate on or around cycle day 18, and all signs were pointing to that: positive opk on CD 17, EWCF for days leading up to that, etc. But then on CD 19, my temperature went down 0.1 degree, so that was weird, but my CF became sticky, and my cervix was medium-textured instead of the previous day's soft, so I was like "ok, maybe I did ovulate!" but then today, CD20, I have both sticky and egg white cervical fluid in large amounts, and some of the egg white cervical fluid was a long clear string with a 1-centimeter-long light brown end, and my cervix is back to feeling soft and open. I wish I had taken a picture of this weird part-brown eggwhite strand. I am completely baffled. I am trying to conceive, and we shipped our donor's sperm via FedEx and inseminated on Saturday, CD 16, not because it was good timing, but because we had no choice with FedEx's schedule. I was like "well, if I ovulate on Monday, that's somewhat reasonable timing," but now I don't know what's going on! I posted over at fam yesterday, but it seems like not too many folks are reading over there these days.

Have any of you folks ever had eggwhite cervical fluid strands with brown on one end? After my preovulatory acupuncture, I always get one tiny brown dot in my ewcf, but I've never had quite so much brown in my egg white fluid, and on top of it, this whole super super sticky CF combined with eggwhite is a new experience!

Here's my chart, under the cut:
january 22 chart

Edited because the chart was a weird html link and not actually the chart!
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