Elisa (draculas_bride) wrote in vaginapagina,

Tea Tree Oil and Yeast Infections

Hi all!

So, I asked the other week about coconut oil and yeast infections...now that a mild yeast infection is actually upon me (yayyy), I'm wondering about everyone's experiences with tea tree oil and eliminating yeast.  Preferably very quickly.

I guess my biggest question is what's the best way (based on experience, I suppose) to apply the tea tree oil internally?  Diluted with water/oil and applied with just the fingers?  Diluted and put on a tampon?  Would a sitz bath work to treat the internal problems, or would that only deal with external?

I've done some searching, but there seems to be precious little info on tea tree oil methods, even on this community :(

Advice appreciated!  I'm hoping to kill this yeast infection dead before it gets bad.
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