ecinesia (ecinesia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Brown discharge after sex and still have a week before period comes

Hi everyone, new member here :)
i'm on the pill and i still have 5 more active pills on the pack, but today i saw some brownish discharge with a bit of blood when i wiped. it comes and goes throughout the day. i was intimate on Sunday and condom slipped. Didn't make a big deal out of it because i am on the pill, but now i'm being paranoid that it's implantation bleeding. is this normal? Also thinking about the time i took my pill 8 hours late, but it was 8 days before i was intimate. i'm very regular with the pill, take it at 9pm everyday. i am my own worst enemy right now. maybe the sex was too rough? Any reassuring messages or similiar experiences?

ETA: i am on Yasmin and regarding the 8 hour delay, pamphlet says if it's 12 hours or more late the pill is considered missing and need backup method for a week. i think i am safe on that front but still can't be sure. i've been newly sexually active and changes in my body keeps making me paranoid.

ETA2: update for panicky people like me; went to the doctor's to get checked for possible infections because i was convinced something was going on. Nothing. Just breakthrough bleeding and a lot of stress. Had my period today, a day earlier than normal with mild cramps and all.
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