frankiebeans (frankiebeans) wrote in vaginapagina,

No Period Since October...

Hi Everyone!

So I haven't had a period since October, and while I've been known to have slightly irregular periods (i.e. skipping one month, but no more than one), I've never gone this long without one. I am married and we do have unprotected sex, but I've tested myself well over TWENTY times with various at home pregnancy tests (trying the expensive brand name EPT, store brands, First Response, those sticks from Amazon, etc.) and they all come up negative.

My husband and I are trying to conceive, which is why I went off of the birth control pill in September... and there's been no period since. I was on bc for about a decade prior to this (I am 28). I no longer have a primary care doctor, but I do have an OB-GYN. I've made an appointment with the OB-GYN, but the soonest I could get is 2 weeks out.

My question is: What are some possible reasons for this lack of period? I don't think the amount of pregnancy tests I have taken which have all read as negative could ALL be wrong, that's not very logical. I had been stressed more than normal last term, but I haven't been that stressed at all since Christmas, so I expected it to, um, flow fine and freely from here on out. I'm scared I may be infertile or something. Any input is welcomed and appreciated, I don't know my body at all it seems and I'm scared.

Thanks in advance.
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