you you (thewarmestblue) wrote in vaginapagina,
you you

birth control question... help!

hi all,

i've been taking junel fe for the past 3 months and i'm having horrible side effects: bloating, cramps, headaches, irritability, weight gain... i feel like i have permanent PMS. it sucks! i want to switch to another pill and i wanted to approach my doctor about this issue after doing a little cross-referencing myself. what birth control pill worked for you? i know everyone's different, but it helps me to hear different stories. any words of wisdom? i definitely *do not* want a baby right now, but i ask don't want to feel like crap every day either. i also have ovarian cysts and pmdd, so a pill that would be good for that would be wonderful. what about yaz?

ok thanks! 
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