nivasi (juniper_mermaid) wrote in vaginapagina,

Change in menstruation

Hi all!
 Generally my period arrives like clockwork. My PMS symptoms don't deviate from their standard, nor does the duration or volume of my actual period.
Last month i was nearly five days late. Pregnancy was a possibility, but i had also been incredibly stressed for the months of November and December, and that kind of stress caused a delay in my period once a few years ago. I didn't experience most of my typical PMS symptoms (just moodiness, none of the physical symptoms.) At the time my period would usually have started, i experienced light spotting, which i never have before. This was so uncommon (my period is usually very heavy from the outset) that i took a pregnancy test a few days after the spotting began to confirm, which came back negative. Four days after i would usually start, my period finally began. It was still fairly heavy, but shorter in duration.
 This month, the same thing happened-none of the usual PMS symptoms, light spotting right at the time my period would usually start, and then my real period starting four days later than it used to. I know it's a little silly, but a few days after the spotting started i took another pregnancy test to be sure, just because my body never does this. Second test was also negative.

 As someone whose body has maintained its routine for at least ten years, this is throwing me for a loop. Is the day i begin spotting the first day of my cycle, or the day the real bleeding begins? How do i calculate ovulation now? This is so out of the ordinary for me.
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