punky_nymph (punky_nymph) wrote in vaginapagina,

I made a mess of taking Yaz - please help!

I am on Yaz, and usually my "24 active" tablets are made up of 3 active tablets from previous pack taken after placebos, followed by 21 active in new pack, followed again by 4 placebos etc. My period comes on the 2nd placebo and stops on 2nd active tablet.

This month I took an extra active tablet (i.e. 25 active in a row) and then only the 4 placebos, to delay my period. I now realize this was stupid, because next month I will now only have taken 23 active pills before it is time for placebos again.

Will I be covered against pregnancy? Should I get an extra pack and take one more active tablet instead of the first placebo? As I understand it, even on Yaz you only need to take 21 active pills in a row and no more than 7 placebos - am I correct?

Not going to be messing around with my pills again!

Advice will be appreciated!

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