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PCOS and hemorrhagic cysts

Hello all! It's been a long time since I've posted but I'm back with a question that really needs an opinion!

Approx 3yrs ago I had chronic pelvic pain (along with going off the pill and getting an IUD) as well as unrelenting vaginal bleeding which ultimately was diagnosed as PCOS (although my BMI is well within normal limits, in fact a bit low). I responded well to low dose Metformin to finally give me normal cycles, but then ended up with hemorrhagic ovarian cysts. I had 2, one after the other, both on the left ovary.

Well I finally changed my IUD to the Mirena during a laproscopy to rule out endometriosis (which I don't have), the cysts went away, and haven't had any issues since. Until now. Now I have the same nagging progressing to gutwrenching pain in the region of my left ovary. I don't have any menses with the Mirena, and haven't been bleeding at all. It hurts with direct pressure (pushing on the area), vaginal penetration, urinating, and defecating. It's progressed to the point where it hurts when I lift my leg to take a step. No fever, not feeling otherwise unwell, ibuprofen is still working to take the edge off.

I'm a medical professional, and I feel relatively confident that if I go to get this checked out they will find another hemorrhagic cyst. My question is - is it worth going? Last time they simply did an ultrasound to diagnose, then Percocet and told me "wait and see." I'm inbetween insurance plans right now - is there any point in going just to confirm what I think is going on? Or should I wait until the pain becomes unbearable/I develop a fever or more worrying symptoms?

TIA, superstars!
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