Alison (feeldreamlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Allergy to Menstrual Cup?

Hi vagina superstars!

I am a huge fan and advocate of menstrual cups. Started using a divacup when I was 18 and have not looked back until now (I am 24).

This past summer, I started noticing that my inner labia was getting irritated - red (I think - it was hard to tell if there was any substantial color change), itchy, irritated/uncomfortable. Not really painful, but almost painful/maybe a bit painful due to irritation.

I had health insurance at the time, so after it came up 2 or 3 times successively (and I had ruled out any changes I'd made that could've affected me - different soaps, etc.) I went to the doctor for a (kinda overdue anyway) STI check up. Everything came back fine - in the clear.

So, I decided at this point - after a recent bout of irritation that coincided with my period - that it must be my divacup. I'd had it for over 5 years so maybe it was just time to get a new one.

I started using tampons (yuck) in September and used them until December with no irritation/no issues during my period or any other time. This confirmed my suspicions.

I purchased a new menstrual cup, this time a mooncup and was delighted to again leave dry cotton in the dust.

BUT. The irritation happened again, I can only guess as a result of using the cup. : (

Now I am thinking that maybe I have developed an allergy to silicon? Anyone ever hear of or experience this - I have read that a silicon allergy is very rare and I'm not sure why it would spring up out of nowhere after using a menstrual cup for nearly 6 years.

No health insurance now so I cannot seek out help from the medical world.

Any insights/advice is appreciated! I would love to figure out a solution that allows me to use a menstrual cup (since they are awesome and I LOVE them).

Thank you in advance!!

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