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Second period after first pregnancy...late...

Hi all!

I delivered my first child (and first pregnancy) on Oct 28.  I got my first post-partem period on Dec 11.  The flow and cramping was pretty much like my periods were before I conceived (not at all heavier or more painful like I was warned it could be).  I was only able to solely breastfeed for the first three weeks and then I had to try supplementing until my son was six weeks old when I finally switched to fully formula fed. I wasn't producing enough breast milk from the very beginning and my son wasn't gaining weight like he ought to have.

DH and I had sex a week and a half after my first period (I think? I didn't really keep track of time then because my sleep schedule was all over the place thanks to new baby).  We used a condom and I don't recall having any penetration without a condom on.

My periods before pregnancy were pretty much clock-work (maybe off a day at most) and my cycles were generally 28 days long.

It's now been 35 days since my last period. I've been very mildly crampy since this past Saturday (CD 32).  DH and I had sex for the second time sine out son's birth that day (so I'm ruling that out as a possible conception day).  I've been having some milky, tacky discharge that has now turned into creamy.  Full disclosure, I think I'm getting yeast infection (itchy lips but no bad smell).

I'm getting worried that the ONE freaking time we had sex, I managed to get pregnant.  But I'm trying to keep myself from worrying too much just yet. I mean, my cycle could just be off for whatever reason? Keep in mind, my cycles before hand were always regular and the period I'm expecting would be my SECOND one after childbirth.  I figured that if my cycles got messed up, that I would know by the first cycle. :/

If I still don't get my period by this coming Saturday, I'll probably get a pregnancy test (and then fret over whether or not there might be any left over pregnancy hormones giving me a false positive).



EDIT 01-22-14: Not pregnant. I ended up getting my period Saturday (01-18). However, I was bleeding so much by Sunday (going through a pad and a half each hour) that I went to the ER to make sure I wasn't losing too much blood. I wasn't (felt stupid for going but also felt better knowing I wasn't bleeding to death or something). My period is still really, really heavy but the flow has slowed down. I'm hoping that the rest of my periods from here on out will start to get back to normal.

Thanks for all the help!
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