allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in vaginapagina,
allison vernon-williams

HBC recs?

Hi VagPag-ers, I come looking for HBC recommendations! Several years ago, I took LoEstrin24 FE, which was a 4 day placebo pill, and it worked AMAZINGLY well for me. I had such short periods, they were predictable (delightful!), and I didn't have any side effects worth noting. The only downside was the was $50/mo, and I couldn't justify that kind of money for BC.

I've also tried the generic Seasonique, but was a bit heavier than just spotting the entire time I was trying to adjust to it, and I gave up.

I just went to the doctor today, and I relayed how much I had liked LoEstrin24, and she prescribed it again, the "generic," though...only there isn't a generic, and it's $110 out of pocket. Can we say NOPE?!

So, I know that everyone's body reacts differently to BC, but I was hoping that maybe there was something similar to the LoEstrin24? Something that has a shorter placebo, maybe?

TIA for any recs!
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