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MMMMonday! What You Should Know About CeCe MacDonald.

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CeCe McDonald is scheduled to be released from prison today! If you don't know who CeCe is or why this is a big deal, Bust Magazine has written a piece that's a good, informative overview, and we wanted to share it with you today. For a little context: MacDonald is a black trans woman who was arrested after being attacked, because one of her attackers impaled himself on the knife she held up in self-defense. Her case was an example of the way trans women of color are often mistreated and under served by the justice system.

Superstars, had you heard about CeCe's case? Were you aware of the stats in the infographic? Want to talk more about any of this? Join us in the comments.

EDIT: There's some Twitter action about this going on right now that we thought you might want to read/get in on! Janet Mock says "Use the hashtag #BecauseofCeCe to share your thoughts about what she has taught you." VP is getting involved over on our Twitter account, and we hope to see you over there!
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