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awkwardly embarrassing but i need answers !! a mother needs a mothers advice

well... this is going to be an odd one and i just need answers if any other female went thru this ..

well im 21, im a mother, and im TTC ... i had my dot last month when my son turned 7 months (on the 23rd on dec) and it was normal..
i finished it, and then me and my hubby are ttc... then a few days ago i felt funny in my abdomen, like, what i felt when i first got preg, what i thought was implantation cramps.
there was spotting, light, pinkish, abit smelly but i figured it was normal... thinking my dream came true
i waited 24 hours to take the test... i took it, it was negative.. and now i am still bleeding .... and im just not sure whats causing this ...
could it be stress or just the hard sex im having ??? and too nervous to go to the hospital about this ...
im not really sure its like a second period im getting, but in reverse !
help !!
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