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Possible math fail or "is this to be expected"?

Hey ya'll. Tell me I'm being paranoid, please? Or, well, tell me if I'm justified in worrying because I'd like to sleep some time this week.

I made a post a few months back about the Pandora's Box situation that is... well, my box. After I healed from the IUD rejection and anemia, I was put on Errin and did my level best to be religious about taking it. I missed a dose by most of a day in the second pack b/c we went out of town overnight and I forgot it. Packs 1, 3, and 4, with the occasional miss of an hour or two, were "ideal use".

Last month I skipped 1 pill round about mid-pack, as in completely skipped, looked at the thing to take the pill and got distracted by housework or something shiny. I took it the next day as soon as I realized I'd missed it, and resumed my pill-taking schedule for the rest of the pack.

At the end of that pack, I asked my Other Half to get a refill at the same pharmacy we always use, and this time they sent me Heather. (Who's next? Anyway...) Now in the 5 months prior to this med change, which I know is still the same active ingredient etc. (pharmacy tech survivor here!) I'd have bleeding around the 15th when I usually got my cycle off the pill, and then again during the first week of my new pack as the inactive pills from the previous pack allowed a breakthrough bleed. So, out of the past 20 weeks, I've bled for over 10, most recently from 12/17 to 12/26th. :(

I just took the 4th pill in the new pack of Heather, so I'm half way through the first week-- still no bleeding, which should based on previous experience, be the cue for a "breakthrough" bleed. Sex has been infrequent of late, but of the variety that could get me pregnant again. My understanding is that even *with* the extra bleeding mid-pack, I still shouldn't be ovulating. But I'm sick at the thought of going through more doctor's visits or just sitting around wondering, waiting to see if this form of birth control is going to fail too. I'm having difficulties at work, my SAD is kicking up again, my Other half and I are among the retail workers whose hours have been cut "because of Obamacare" so we have even less money coming in than usual, and I cannot have this on my mind right now.

Please tell me I'm worrying over nothing, cause that's part of what I do when the seasonal affective disorder plays up. I'm calling for an appointment for Planned Parenthood tomorrow, which will probably have to be 2 weeks out, and we're talking about another IUD or uterine ablation. I'm so damn sick of worrying like this every time I'm in a relationship. Doctors have known I have reproductive problems since I was 15 years old, but *not one* will give me more control over them than a pill or an IUD and condoms and cycle tracking.

To quote Lord Vader, "DO NOT WANT". I'm about to go to collections for the first "you're pregnant" fiasco; we don't need this now.

Tia everybody.
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