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Would like some input


I have made several posts in here regarding a problem that has been constantly with me since the end of july.

I have this "constant need to pee" feeling. I don't really have to go, but it feels like it 24/7 (going to the bathroom does not help, only semes to make the feeling worse).

I have been treated for BV, UTI (two different antibiotics), yeast infection, a kortisone cream (pevisone) for soreness around the utethra opening, overactive bladder. I've had a cystoscopy and MRI (have not gotten the results back from that yet). The urologist I last saw basically told me if the new antibiotics did not work and the MRI did nor show anything, he has no clue about what is wrong.

The feeling seems to be located around the urethra opening, but at the same time (recently, after having had several months to try and anslyse every aspect of what I am actially feeling) it also seems like it might also come from the clitoris.

I have always (before my "constant need to pee" feeling started) felt a bit sore/irritated just around the vaginal opening when trying to insert tampons while dry, and it is uncomfortable to touch the general area around the opening.
When I read about vulvodynia I thounght I had this, but since this has not really bothered me (exept with tampons) I have never seen a doctor (there is no treatment, so why pay money to have some guy tell me this).

I just noe googled vulvodynia and clitoris and urination urgency, and there is actually a link.

So what I am wondering is if there is anyone that can comfirm that it is actually possible that this is vulvodynia? Anyone that has experienced this, and have advice on treatment that might work? Be suggested to my doctor.

I know I will have to see a doctor again about this, but sometimes the internett knows stuff too :) not sure if the doctors I have seen knows about this, we have 1 (one) klinikk i my country that deals with this, so I have doubts about whethet the three different doctors I have seen knows about it. (My general physisian, an urologist and a gynacologist)

Anf just so it is said, I have never had sex witb anyone, I have only used a vibrator with myself (so sexually active??? With myself if you can say that :D)
And because of this the doctors outruled an STD (At this point I would feel a bit better to confirm that it's not an STD (I know it stands for sexually transmitted disease) but what if it is possible that I am some one in a million/billion that got an STD without being sexually active with anyone?) and please don't think I am stipid or paranoid for thinking that this is possible, after 5 months of (basically) hell, I won't outrule anything anymore (what if?)

Thanks for any help/input on this, I really appreaciate it :D
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