~Castiel~ (thusbands) wrote in vaginapagina,

Non Hormonal birth control

I got an IUD in the beginning of November and it's still causing me cramps and spotting. I know that's pretty normal and I was willing to deal with it for awhile to see if it would settle. But now I'm noticing that I'm always hungry and slowly gaining weight. I also have no interest in sex. I start to want sex and then within 30 seconds the urge is completely gone. I tried to have sex with my boyfriend last night and I get excited but after a minute or two I'm done. That means I dry up and sex becomes super painful. Even if we use lube. It just hurts down there now. Even if I am excited it hurts. I got an IUD so I could have worry free sex and instead I just don't have sex :( I'll be getting it removed soon which leads me to my question.

Is a diaphragm an okay choice? I know it depends on the person but I never hear anything about them so I'm just wondering people's experiences with them. I hate the idea of spermicide so I would probably use the diaphragm dry but I would still use condoms. It would be more of a backup method. Are there new statistics on them? The last post I saw on here was from 2008.

ETA- I have Skyla.
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