missyharper13 (missyharper13) wrote in vaginapagina,


Tmi but this "problem" has been going on for quite some time now. A couple years maybe? Anyways ive been tested and no stds. Stating that these small white bumps are on the inner lips of my vag area. Ok I shave alot, I use whatever soap is in my bathroom, and I baby oil my vag to reduce razor irritation. But these bumps has been here since I ever even started shaving...they are hard bumps and difficult to squeeze. But they do pop if I squeeze hard enough. The infection that comes out is white and thick and really stringy like a blackhead. They havent gotten worse. And they never go away. I have had had them to not pop before and the next day the bump would swell up become horribly painful and bust like a cyst. Then go back to normal size. Please someone tell me that you have seen or had these things too. Im scared to death its like hpv and it just isnt showing on the cultures/blood work I have pics I just dont know how to add them on here
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