nameofmisery (nameofmisery) wrote in vaginapagina,

A Question About Cramps

Hey all. I have a question to all the IUD-wearers here.

When climaxing or about to climax, do any of you experience any sharp cramps (or cramps at all)?

For the past month or two I've noticed that right before I orgasm (not necessarily paired with penetration; it has happened from only clitoral orgasm) I get a sharp cramp (maybe 5 on the pain scale)- enough to make me focus on it, but not enough to make me lose my concentration on my orgasm.

I'm guessing what's happening is that my uterus, along with the surrounding muscles, is contracting (like it should be) and the IUD messes it up a little bit.

Sorry for the invasive question.

Also posted at IUD_Divas.
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