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Breast pain and vitamin E

Hey everyone, I just had a quick inquiry.

I started taking Microgestin 1/20 back in October. At first I had some typical side effects (breakthrough bleeding, mood swings, etc) but now in December most of them have subsided. The only issue I have now is breast pain and tenderness. Now, I'm not a stranger to this. Prior to being on BC I would have pretty bad breast pain about a week before my period. However, on the BC it seems that the breast pain has gotten worse and seems to last a lot longer.

I really don't want to change BC because this is the only side effect that bothers me, and I don't want to risk going on something that ends up being much worse for me.

My mother told me that vitamin E helps with cyclical breast pain and I was wondering if anyone else knew this to work for them? Also, is there anything else that could possibly ease the breast tenderness? Or will I just have to deal with the pain if I continue to be on this pill?

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