love_after1342 (love_after1342) wrote in vaginapagina,

Curious and concerned with pain

Hello fellow VPers! I have a question regarding a spot on the inner side of my labia minora its a pinkish color in the middle and whitish on the siders. I only noticed it a couple days after sex with my husband. I was fine during sex (except for being dry) but 2 days later I found this. it hurt like crazy and was hard to not feel the pain. i had difficulty even moving. urinating is painful only because it runs past the area. I've taken sitz baths to help it and it has "healed" to a red raised spot that is smaller than it was before. we've been together for 3 years now. this past year I've been experiencing many yeast infections and i believe i have one now. I don't know what this is and its freaking me out. so hopefully theres some ladies with knowledge of this. and I'm currently waiting for my dr. appt would just like to be put at ease. esp. when the internet leads you to only stis.
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