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Spotting before period/ Abnormal bleeding?

Hello Everyone,

There are a couple of issues that I hope you kind VPers can help me with and/or give me at least some peace of mind.

I have never had spotting (I think it is?) before until about 3 months ago when I started having brown discharge one day before the start of my period. I'm a virgin and I masturbate often through simulation of the clitoris and not in the vagina, sometimes twice a day, once at night and once in the morning and sometime consecutively. My period has always been quite regular (between 26-30 days) and I've never missed a period. Around the start of November, I have one day of brownish discharge. It doesn't seems like the normal period type of bleeding and it lasted about a day. My period started the next day. At the end of November, around the time my period is due, I noticed brownish discharge in the morning. Then some pinkish discharge after wiping later in the day. The next day, there's no brownish discharge, but pinkish (which appears to be like extremely light period). And just before bed, there was a slight cramp and upon checking, realized that it's my regular period. And just two days ago, in my vaginal discharge, I noticed an extremely thin streak, (almost negligible) of blood in my vaginal discharge. I was only able to tell when I pressed it against the toilet paper when I felt the discharge oozing down. The next day was the same thing. Then later in the day, I got a bit of spotting again (I think it is?) after I wiped and there was some pinkish/redish discharge. The same thing today with no sight of my actual period yet...
Is this a cause for concern??

Which brings me to another issue (which I hope that it's also not a problem! lol)...
Since September, about 10-11 days after the start of my period, I get this really thin streak of blood with my vaginal discharge. And it usually lasts for about 5 days with some days with just the normal discharge and then stops completely. I'm not certain, but I think it's ovulating? If someone can confirm this? But is this normal?

Not sure if there's any affect, but I was having a viral infection in November just before my period and again in December a few days ago before my period is due to start as well. No anti-biotics was prescribed.

Thank you very much for any insights or help offered in advance :)
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