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Anonymous Post: Pregnancy, Zofran and constipation.

Greetings, fellow Superstars! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. :)

P.S. For more info on anonymous posts, see our instructions on how to make them!

for the VP Team

So I am taking Zofran to deal with my severe morning sickness problems, and it's helpful except that it is making me SUPER CONSTIPATED. Like...super. I got some ground flax and I'm trying to get as much fiber and liquid as I can in my idiosyncratic sickness-dictated diet, but in the meantime I am just concerned as to how much constipation is too much? I could ask my OB's office, but I would prefer not to make that phone call from my in-laws' house and that's where I'll be tomorrow and for the next few days. :)

I've been having bowel movements...for a few days there, it was every day, but they are always small and I know things have to be pretty backed up in there. Sometimes I skip a day or two. At what point should I be alarmed/take a Zofran break/consult a medical professional? I'm hoping that it can wait until at least after Christmas if it's an issue...

Thanks for any poo-related wisdom you can share. :)
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