cadet2 (cadet2) wrote in vaginapagina,

Risks of herpes transmission after a first outbreak

Hi VP,

My partner recently found out that he has genital herpes. We had sex about ten days after his first outbreak, and used protection -- we used a condom and he is also taking suppressants. However, I'm concerned now that we may not have waited long enough. I'm wondering in particular because we had sex after his first outbreak, and I'm not sure if there is more risk involved in having sex with someone at that time.

I can't find any info about this online - should I have waited longer? What is the risk associated with sex after a first breakout? Also, for the future, how long after an outbreak should I wait to have sex with my partner?

Finally, I would be curious to hear from any VPers who are in a discordant couple (i.e., one of you has herpes, the other doesn't) -- how do you have sex safely and enjoyably? As the negative person, what precautions should I be taking, and what should I be aware of that I might not know?

Thanks a lot.
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