sonoma123 (sonoma123) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnant or paranoid

Hi all,
Let me start this off by saying I have a tendency to over worry about things. I'm really just looking for some reassurance and figured this would be the place to ask!
So because of medical reasons I'm not on hormonal BC. My boyfriend is older and experienced in withdrawal (which is what we use).  He always makes sure to urinate before anything and he pulls out at least ten minutes before ejaculation. We haven't had sex more than a handful of times the past few months. I got my period on November 2nd on time, and then again on November 30 (a few days later than usual. I have a short cycle)
The November 30th period seemed normal, it wasn't AS bad as my one beginning of November, but it does vary for me month to month. It def wasn't just spotting, it started off brown and turned to red for a few days.
For the month of December, I never noticed ovulation fluid which I normally do. I thought it was strange so a week ago I took two pregnancy tests, one at night and one with first mornings urine. Both tests were negative.
I don't know why I'm so nervous still but I am. I may just be driving myself crazy but my nipples have felt sensitive earlier than usual (not PMS? I don't get my period til like Dec 27) and I've had a few bouts of slight nausea but no vomiting. Just feeling yuck randomly but not often.
I am probably being paranoid but I always hear stories of women getting their periods and having negative tests and still being pregnant! What is your take on it? I hate worrying and I want to put this to rest before Christmas.  Thanks in advance for help and advice!!
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