j e s s i c a. (jeh_jeh) wrote in vaginapagina,
j e s s i c a.

High levels of protein in urine

Hi, VP'ers,

Long-time lurker and first time commenter here.

So, this morning I went to the doctors to give a urine sample for a mandatory pregnancy test (I am going back onto Depo Provera and since it's not the first week of my cycle, they have to make sure I'm not pregnant before giving it to me).  One of the reasons I am going back on to Depo is because I'm getting continuous bleeding again (I've had it in the past, and the injection cleared it up).  So, obviously, when I did my sample this morning there was blood.  The practice nurse rang a few hours ago and queried this with me and I explained that I'm bleeding continuously, yada yada, and she accepted this.  She then proceeded to tell me that I also have high levels of protein present.  As far as I'm aware, blood is just protein (and other things) suspended in water, right?  So it would stand to reason that my protein levels would be elevated if there's blood there?  But surely the nurse would know this and not feel the need to tell me this if the reason was that obvious?  I've had a quick Google (bad move!) and I seem to be able to choose from cystitis (but it doesn't hurt to pee, so) or kidney failure... I would just like some reassurance, really, that there's (probably) nothing terrible going on - I'm not getting the injection until Saturday (it's currently Thursday afternoon here) and I'm worried.

(Also, I feel a tiny bit silly posting here because I know that urine doesn't come out of your actual vagina(!), but this seemed like the best place to ask. :))
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