futurefetus (futurefetus) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy test 11 and 13DPO, reading them late.

Second month TTC, and I have a question regarding testing! I know results after the window stated aren't accurate, but are positives that show up later all just flukes?

I test 11DPO and it was negative, but of course caved and checked it again about 12 hours later--faint positive. I took another test today (13DPO). Still negative, but here we are 12 hours later and this one doesn't even have an evap line. Both were the same brand, QuickVue, from the same box.

I'm sure it was just random, but I'm curious if that could also indicate a chemical pregnancy. Thank you for any feedback. If I haven't started bleeding by Friday I think I'll test again for some peace of mind.
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