Lovely Little Owl (lovelylittleowl) wrote in vaginapagina,
Lovely Little Owl

What to expect from a gyno referral due to vulvar pain?

Intermittently over the past decade or so, since my early teens I've had really bad pain in my vulva. It changes location and severity with each different episode. I've had cultures for yeast which were negative, STD checks are unnecessary as I am a virgin (due to my vulvar pain I am too scared to attempt it), and had pelvic scans to check for cysts and x-rays and MRI's on my back, as I often experience intense cramping in my lower back as well. Finally my GP has decided to refer me to a gynaecologist (I am from the UK so it is only common to see one when you are pregnant) and I am wondering what to expect.

My pain at the moment came on completely unprovoked; I was sitting on the couch, readjusted my positioning and felt a knife like pain near my clitoris. It quickly developed into a cramping pain on the entire right side of the mons, akin to the feeling you get when you tear a muscle or trap a nerve in another body part.

I'm obviously expecting to have a pelvic exam, which although I am expecting to be very painful, I am prepared to have if it will help get to the bottom of this. I have done research on vulvodynia, pudendal nerve entrapment, yeast overgrowth, UTI's etc but I'm curious as to what will actually be investigated during my appointment as vulvar pain does not seem to be treated very seriously or thoroughly. I've been dismissed and mocked by doctors for years, as I'm aware other vulvar pain sufferers have been, so I am hoping I will be taken seriously and treated with respect during my consultation so I can finally move on with my life!

Thank you :)
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