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Totally weird!!!

Every person I have ever asked says no. Thought i'd throw this out there. Do any of u ever get so horny that your stomach hurts, your vagina aches to the point of pain and your clitoris throbs constantly???? I get so horny amd lubricated that all of these things happen. However, the clitoris throbbing and the aching vaginal walls do NOT ever happen simultaneously. Ever! I sometimes worry I'm a sex addict. Even though i am faithful to my man but sometimes we have to do it 3 times a day everyday. I feel like I am hornier than the average man ....and we all know that's HORNY! I talked to my gyno about it and he suggested sex addict counseling. Like THAT will help change my body's feelings. I have tried libido dimming drugs like prozac. But that makes me a log sitting on a couch staring off into space.

I am not asking for advice on how to get rid of this. Nothing I can do about it. Just asking if anyone else feels these feelings too.
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