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Birth control confusion!

Hey everyone-

When I had my pap smear earlier this month [everything was normal, hooray!] the doctor lady prescribed me birth control, Tri Sprintec to be specific. I have [undiagnosed] endometriosis, or at the very least dysmenorrhea, and as far as I've learned BC is the only way to go.

I was on Yaz from like 17-20 or something like that, but at that age I didn't pay attention to my cycle hardly at all and thought everything I was feeling was normal. So I don't remember much, but I'm pretty sure the cramps were better and I was clotting less. Also I don't think there was as much spotting. It's really tempting to just be like, screw it, and try this new one out. Worst case scenario I stop taking it, right? It's a $9 prescription, so it's affordable. I just hate the idea of not having my period. I'm pretty sure the pill made me gain weight, which I will not tolerate at this point whatsoever. I'm struggling enough as it is at my heaviest weight ever. I wanna be healthy and taking a pill isn't gonna get me there. But my periods are UNBEARABLE. Plus, it'd be pretty awesome to have some skin to skin sex every now and again! It's a scary choice to make.

Do I let my body think it's pregnant except when I take sugar pills? Or do I live with this terrible pain for approximately 10 days every month, and enjoy some sexual freedom? I also read some reviews about this BC and there wasn't much positivity on it. A lot of people complained about weight gain, their acne getting worse, spotting all month long, being really cranky, etc.

Anyone have any advice on this or tried Tri Sprintec themselves? I'm so torn. I'm all ears eyes.

Thank you!
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