Melinda (r0ck_y0ur_s0ul) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cramping after IUD

I had a Paragard IUD inserted on 11/22.  Aside from the insertion jump starting my period (which was due 2 days after the appointment) and a bit of a mild cramping there really wasn't anything different from when I had a Mirena IUD inserted years ago for the first time.

Cut to today.  I've had a bit of cramping which I know is totally normal post insertion.  However, I went to the bathroom earlier and found that the cramps went away after some tissue-like material was expelled.

Does anyone have any idea if I should be concerned?  There was no blood, I have no fever or any other symptoms.  I guess it was just a bit...shocking.

  My period is due in 8 days if that helps at all.
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