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Recurring UTI's and strange discomfort

Hello there.
So I'm new here and not really sure how it all works but I thought I'd ask cause I can't find anything on this issue..
I'm 20 y/o and I've never had any issues with UTI's or such things in my life, until I lost my virginity.
It all started when I first met my fiancee, we'd have sex a lot and after about 3 weeks i got a UTI and a yeast infection. they both cleared out within a week of antibiotics etc.

that was back in 2010 and I didn't get another one until we moved in together in 2011. about a month after that I got another UTI. Of course I got more antibiotics and it cleared out. This cycle continued for a little more than a year, I think I had about 7-9 UTIs in that year (and probably 1 or 2 yeast infections).

After we moved to a different country late 2012 I don't remember having any issues with it at all after that for about 6 months ish. I thought maybe it was over but in June this year I got another one... I couldn't get to the doctors within the first few days so it got quite bad, my back was hurting a a lot and I was in bed the whole time with a hot water bottle, it was the only thing that calmed the pain at least a little.
After about 5 days I got some antibiotics and it seemed to be clearing out normally.
My period started mid treatment and I didn't think anything of it, but a day after I was done with the antibiotics I got signs of a UTI again.
I went back to the doctors and they tested for a UTI but they couldn't find anything, so I went back home and a few hours after that I didn't feel the symptoms anymore. *shrug*

Here comes the actual problem though. Ever since that treatment I've had a strange feeling down there. Kind of like the pressure you get when you have a UTI but not as bad, but the discomfort in general is really annoying, I can't do much because I'm scared it will trigger another UTI, and as they get more painful the more I get them I just sit here. I've had it now since June/july this year and I've been avoiding having sex pretty much, I think I've had sex maybe 5 times or something and it's so bloody depressing. My fiancee is pretty supportive but it still sucks cause it affects him too.

I got another UTI about 5 days ago because of sex, yet again. I'm now taking my antibiotics and The pain itself is going away sort of but I can still feel that awful discomfort I've had for the last 6 months ( pressure/feeling like I have to put a bit of pressure on it for it to go away.)

I've only ever had sex with my fiancee and I was tested for STD's while I got a pregnancy test about 4 months after we first started having sex. Both tests were negative so I'm pretty much 100% sure that It can't be cause of a STD.
I have a Contraceptive implant and have had it since around xmas 2011, because pills make me very sick to the point where i cant eat normally.

The only thing I know which is wrong with me is that I had anemia when i was 14 and since then my immune system has been quite terrible, like I'm guaranteed to get sick if someone near me has a cold or flu. i know this might be a reason to why I am prone to UTIs but it doesn't explain this awful discomfort i'm getting in my vagina. I keep clean, I pee/ wash after sex and keep myself hydrated, I've also been taking cranberry supplements for a few months with no help it seems. Oh and I don't drink any fizzy drinks anymore, or coffee.

I don't really have many girl friends to talk to about this stuff other than my sister/mum and they say they've never experienced it before.
So I guess I'm just asking to see if anyone here might have had the same thing or have any ideas what it could be.
I'm just getting so depressed right now cause I cant work or go out and do things like I would normally. I'm pretty much scared of doing anything at all because I feel like even just taking a bath or going out for a walk will trigger another UTI.

I'm sorry for the wall of text I just wanted to try and get it all in there just in case. Thanks ;-;
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