tanislynne (tanislynne) wrote in vaginapagina,

Follow up to the follow up to the follow up ....

So the results to the ultrasound were not good.

I have had no fetal growth since the last ultrasound.

So the dr. is running another hormone test. If my hormones have plateaued or declined then I am having a stalled pregnancy, or a miscarriage. If my hormones are still climbing then she is going to push for another ultrasound.

But she is leaning towards a miscarriage, there should have been some growth and there was none ... but I had to point out that the ultrasound machine crapped out half way through the ultrasound, she had to reboot it and my dr. did not know that.

I went for the blood work, so now it is a waiting game.

Either way, I am surprisingly doing ok .... maybe my break down on Tuesday helped or if I am in denial or acceptance, either way I feel good.

Has anyone heard or experienced this?

***Also posted to the "Pregnant" community***
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