dirtywordplay (dirtywordplay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hurts to sit?

Hello all, I've had some general concerns about my reproductive health. I've posted here before about possible cysts/endometriosis due to a severely sharp pain in my pelvic area. Last month, it was the worst it's ever been, coming and going throughout roughly a 3 week period before and during my cycle. This month hasn't been as bad, it acted up just a couple of times...anyway, I just wanted that health concern to be here in case it's related to my current issue.
I just started my period yesterday, and because my cramps are so bad the first couple days, I don't use tampons but pads instead. Today, I can't even sit up straight. When I try to sit, it feels like there's a cardboard or plastic stick/tube in my vagina that is pushing against the walls. It also feels like this non-existant tube sticks out, because it hurts up by my cervix as if it's being shoved up there further. Remember, I am not using tampons. There is nothing in my vagina to be causing this.
I have had this a couple of other times, but usually just one time that I position myself wrong and I re-situate myself and it's fine. Today, I have to be in a reclined position and sitting on a pillow. Then, when I go to stand up, it feels like this non-existant tube is no longer adjusted for being straight but is curved somehow instead and it pushes on me then as well.
For information, I am a cis-female in a monogamous relationship of nearly 2 years. No STDs, no pregnancies, no hormonal birth control (we use condoms). This pain is not related to sex or over exertion as we haven't had sex in ~a week and I haven't exercised in...well...longer than that. I have taken Aleve and Tylenol and they are not even touching the pain, I have been sitting with a heating pad on my stomach for a while now, and it might be helping a little, but only until I stand up and then the pain/pressure comes back. My period is currently heavy and somewhat clotty (gross, I know, but it might be relevant), and I can feel a gush onto the pad when I cough/sneeze/laugh/stand up/etc. which is how my period has been for roughly a year now. I did try googling, but I can't find anything that seems to match.
TIA for any help :)
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