amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,


hi all. i have a question.

the weather in east tenn has been relatively pleasant the last few weeks aside from the rain which comes and goes soo i decided not to take my allegra for a couple days and then idk i just kind of forgot about it all together bc my allergies werent acting up (sneezing, congestion, etc).

a few days ago i started noticing i was itching really bad. especially at nite. i looked online about wat it might be and scabies came up as the most likely cause but when i checked the images to my own skin, it didnt look the same. really i dont have any spots or rash on me just where i've been scratching soo much lately that i've caused wat looks like mosquito bites now, but i'm pretty sure arent bc it's a bit too cold for mosquitoes and i'm pretty sure that they werent there b4 i scratched and i have scratch marks too that look bad and i've actually made bleed a couple times from scratching them so much.

it only happened at nite to begin with. now i'm itching all over, no matter where i am. as i type this, i'm itching. i thought at 1st it was my nerves bc i do scratch sum when i'm really stressed out and i have been under sum stress for the last few weeks but even when i'm calm as can be and not worrying about anything i still itch. soo today i asked a pharmacist wat she thought and she said that it could be a number of things but it could be from where i've stopped taking my allegra and it's causing me to itch.

since i dont have the tale-tale signs of scables and i'm pretty sure it's not our bed (my husband aint itching) do ya'll think it could just be from my not taking allegra?? i'm planning to re-start the meds (i have a new pack somewhere) and c if it'll help, but i wanted a lil input too :)  thnx.
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