Alyce (thalionhiril) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need to share!

I've confided in this community in the past about menstrual irregularities and fear about conceiving due to PCOS, and now I'm onto a new level of confiding...

Last night I took a pregnancy test, after two negative ones taken about a week ago.  Something still felt off... and it was positive.  I took another one this morning, and still positive ;) I am still in shock... I have been functioning under the belief that getting pregnant would be impossible or nearly so, so I honestly still don't believe this is actually happening.  I'm so afraid of false positives or early loss that I've decided not to share this with family and friends right now, but I needed to tell someone other than my partner!

And my midwife is out of town at the moment... need happy thoughts!
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