Lorra (opium) wrote in vaginapagina,

Severe Cramps and PMDD

Hi everyone! I rarely post here but I have a question about cramps and finding out the CAUSE.

I have only had cramps for a few years, I am just about 36, and never before I was 30. They have gotten increasingly worse over the last few years, and start almost as soon as my period starts, NOT before it - though before my period I have severe lows and have 10 symptoms of PMDD so figure it is that, though now when I know it's about my period time I deal with it better because I know WHY it is happening.

But the cramps... I have no idea. I have been a raw vegan for a few years, everything improved in my body and health except my cramps which keep getting worse and worse. I have tried several things. Lowering my fat intake and salt intake help a lot but not entirely. I am wondering if there is a lack of something possibly causing these cramps - a mineral, a vitamin that I might not be getting ENOUGH of. Omega 3? Maybe I need more of something, any clues? I'd go to a naturopath but I don't have $150 to spare on that.

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