tanislynne (tanislynne) wrote in vaginapagina,

8 wks 2 days and no heart beat.

Hey folks,

I'm at a lost, scared and freaking out.

I am 8 wks 2 days pregnant and I went for my second ultrasound, the tech would not tell me much. All she would say was that it was "inconclusive" and that she could still not see a heart beat.

She did not mention the fetal pole which was visible at the last ultrasound.

Should I be panicking?

I have an appt. with my dr. on Thursday but my mind is going a mile a minute with the worst possible outcomes. I know this isn't a medical form but can anyone tell me if they have gone this far and not seen the heart beat but yet continued to have a healthy pregnancy?

Thank you in advance everyone.

**this is also posted in the "pregnant" community***
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