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endemetriosis, pid, cysts, or fibroids?

Sorry in advance if there are misspellings, grammar errors, etc. I'm on my phone.

Alrighty so I have irregular, super long periods. Went to gyno and she said it might be fibroids. She wanted to do some tests but I was in the process of moving so i put it off. This was in april. I moved and kept meaning to find a new gyno but things got away from me and I just plain procrastinated. So this past Thursday I went to a physical therapy appointment. While my therapist was gently palpating my hips to check their alignment, I noticed a lot of soreness but I thought nothing of it. On the way home from the appointment I start to feel a lot of pain like a menstrual cramp. I was on day 4 of my period and my cramps were gone by that time (I usually have bad cramps for 2 days and then nothing) so I thought maybe it was gas. I laid down for about an hour thinking it would go away. I woke up in agonizing pain. I was also nauseous. I thought I must have caught a stomach virus or eaten something that wasn't completely cooked. So I took imodium, anti nausea pills, and an antacid over a period of 4 hours with no relief. It felt exactly like labor pain, with back pains, squeezing and all. I tried hot baths, a heating pad, everything thinking it was my stomach. The entire time my husband was begging me to go to the er. But I felt like it was a tummy bug and they'd laugh me out of the emergency room and tell me to take pepto. So I wasn't up for that. Eventually it got to where I was screaming into a pillow to muffle the sound and keep my toddler from being scared. I threw up. And then my husband gave up and called the paramedics. I threw up again and they took me to the er. They gave me saline and toridol in an iv. They gave me percoset too but I puked it up 30 seconds after taking it. The pain went down to a manageable level. They got urine and blood samples. Test came back negative for anything stomach related. Doctor said because I was on my period he guessed lady troubles and to call my gyno in the morning. He did a pelvic exam to check for fibroids but felt no bulges, said they might be too small to feel and to request an ultrasound from the gyno. He gave me a script for aleve and sent me on my way.

Next morning pain starts again. Feels exactly like labor again. Took aleve and even stacked it with tylenol. Didn't even put a dent in it. Called my regular doc and she saw me that afternoon since I couldn't get an appt with the gyno till Tuesday (tomorrow. This was on Friday). I slapped on two of those sticky heat pads for cramps which helped a lot, and went to my reg doc. She took more urine and did another pelvic exam and said she thinks its pid. She's sending my pee to a lab to test for ghonorea and clamydia. I know those aren't spelled right lol. Said she can't test for bv since I'm on my period and you need a swab for that and the blood would mess up the results. So anyway she gave me antibiotics and vicodin until the tests come back and sent me on my way, telling me to have my gyno do the ultrasound and check for possible fibroids or endemetriosis in case she's wrong about the pid. She also mentioned maybe a ruptured cyst.

So tomorrow is my gyno appt. My period is finally over so she may be able to swab for bv (tho I'm not presenting any classic symptoms) and send an order for an ultrasound. I am pretty sure the ultrasound is in a separate dept and its going to take days for the order to go thru and Thursday morning I am flying across the country for my sisters wedding. So I am going to have to wait like 2 weeks to go to the ultrasound appt. If my tests are negative for pid then that narrows it down to cysts, fibroids, or edemetriosis.

Right now I have soreness but no pain. I don't know if its from the antibiotic kicking the pid in the butt, or because my period finally is done (9 days long) and the fibroids or whatever aren't flaring up.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you ladies with these issues? I really am kinda worried and I want to know what kinds of questions to ask and what I need to be thinking about leading up to my ultrasound. What advice can you give? I am super impatient about my test results.

My history:
3 chemical pregnancies, cause unknown
1 successful pregnancy resulting in a gorgeous 2 year old girl
Hpv (not the warts kind, the cancer causing one) had one colposcopy, no abnormal cells since then
Tested pos for group b strep in pregnancy
typical period lasts 8-12 days

Cysts, fibroids, and endemetriosis all run in the family on both sides.

Any encouragement you have would be appreciated.

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