Post-nasal drip (tsemed_chemed) wrote in vaginapagina,
Post-nasal drip

Practice Insemination: What can I safely put up my vagina?

Hey there VPers,
This is a pretty ridiculous question, so of course I have to ask you, since you're always so awesome at answering questions.

My partner and I are trying to get pregnant doing at-home intravaginal/intracervical insemination, and the last time it went hilariously wrong, with the semen/test yolk buffer mixture (the sperm food that helps it make the trip from our donor in Vegas to our home in Brooklyn!) somehow getting behind the plunger of the syringe and then immediately pouring out of me. This cycle, we wanna do a practice run beforehand, and we're planning to do one try with an instead cup and one try with a syringe. Do you think it would be vagina-safe to use yogurt that's been watered down to the right consistency? I was going to buy Preseed Lubricant, but it's so expensive that I didn't want to buy it and use 7 mL of it just to practice.

Do you have any thoughts about other vagina-safe, semen-consistency things that I could practice squirting up into me?

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