mle19 (mle19) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed period for no discernable reason, with no other symptoms

Hi all!
I have a Mirena IUD, which is the only protection I use, and I'm sexually active. My periods are generally light and pretty regular (on or within 1-2 days of when I expect it), with no real cramping.

At this point I am just over two weeks late; I was prepared to start on November 20th. I've taken three pregnancy tests and all were negative. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms that I can discern, and my IUD is definitely properly in place.
I also haven't noticed any other factors/changes that might affect my period. Google tells me there are a bunch of reasons for a late period (like stress, dietary changes, weight loss or gain, new medication, drug use, etc. etc.) and none apply to me currently.

Today I had pain and cramping that seemed focused on the left side of my body and very minor brown discharge, which occurred this morning but stopped around noon. I know IUDs increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies and that these are some symptoms of that, but any pregnancy with an IUD is very rare and, again, my home pregnancy tests were all negative. I have never had discharge like this, so it is not typically a sign that I've started my period (although I know that it very well might be this time!)

It seems pointless to ask, "What's going on with me?!" because I'm pretty sure that's an unanswerable question that's better suited for my gyno, but due to a couple of unfortunate factors (leaving for a trip on Tuesday and stuck at home due to an ice storm in the meantime) I don't think I'll be able to see anyone soon. I'm just worried, and, like I always do when I research my symptoms on the internet, I've gotten myself worked up over it. Anyone deal with anything similar? Any thoughts? Anything to reassure me that I'm not going to die on my floor of a burst Fallopian tube because I'm snowed in?!

tl;dr: I'm uncharacteristically over 2 weeks late; 3 pregnancy tests were negative and I have no other pregnancy symptoms, but also no other obvious reasons why I might be late; I had some uncharacteristic discharge/cramping today and have semi-convinced myself it's an ectopic pregnancy despite my IUD and negative pregnancy tests. Thoughts?
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